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    Default Cheap hydraulic hoses 5035

    Wondering if anyone else has run into the problem of cracked hydraulic hoses? I have a HST 5035 with 76 hrs bought new in 2010. I noticed a small leak, which got progressively worse, from a hose coming from the rear remote that sits at the top right, when looking at the back of the tractor. The hose is a little over a foot long and connects from the remote to a box that's sits under the seat. It looked to me that the only way to get a wrench on it was to take off the tire. As I have weighted tires, I didn't feel comfortable doing it and took it into a tractor repair shop up the road (non Mahindra dealer). I also noticed a hydraulic leak coming from a hose that goes into the transfer box that sits just above the right side step of the tractor.
    The shop was able to make the repairs and he showed me the hoses and my heart dropped. Both hoses were brittle and riddled with cracks. When the hose was bent, you could hear small popping noises as new cracks appeared. These cracks are not just on the surface but go all the way through the hose. When on the tractor, both hoses were run with slight bends in them and that's where the leaks occurred. Just thinking about the number of hoses on the tractor that are just waiting to go makes me sick. I seriously doubt this problem can be taken care of through the warranty and can just imagine the down time I am going to have to put up with.
    This tractor, with 76 hrs, is practically brand new and never been left outdoors. Anyone else having these issues? I will try and post pictures.

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    Default Re: Cheap hydraulic hoses 5035

    Blamo, welcome to the world of Mahindra. From a quality standpoint they live in the world of the baby bird. CHEAP, CHEAP, CHEAP. I also own a 5035. It is a 2012 model, but so far no hose leaks. I don't have time for them right now. I am too busy fixing other problems.

    Instead of taking your tractor to a shop to change a bad hose, most hydraulic hoses can be removed relatively easily and taken to a hydraulic hose shop. Even this little 'burg that I live in has one of those. They can provide everything new based on the carcass that you carry in. If you fear that this is just the beginning of future hose problems, you may wish to shop for some tools for removal if you do not already have them. Good luck, I empathize with the frustration you are feeling.

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    Default Re: Cheap hydraulic hoses 5035

    What is hard to figure out is why. It is not because of being "CHEAP, CHEAP, CHEAP." I have a 7520 and a 3215 and the 3215 lives outside and all the hoses are fine. Zero cracks, are not brittle, everything as it should be.
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