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    Default 2014 eMax 22 won't idle above 1250 RPM

    My brothers 3 year old eMax 22 won't idle above 1250-1500 RPM. It is an intermittent problem, the low idle is accompanied with the engine trouble light. When the engine trouble light is on it just wont go over 1250-1500RPM, no sputter, no stalling; the RPM just wont come up. When the light is off it runs fine, unfortunately the light is on more than it is off.
    He previously had the issue where it wouldn't start. I found the fuse fix removing and reinserting the ecu fuse somewhere on this site.

    Has anyone had this issue where the tractor wont raise above min idle speed? How do you know what causes the engine trouble light?

    Thanks for listening!

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    Default Re: 2014 eMax 22 won't idle above 1250 RPM

    Can you hook it up to a code reader and check the code? One of the selling points of the Mahindra (at least in the class I was looking at) was that it used a standard OBD II reader.

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