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    Default Leaking oil from cooler?

    Today I used the tractor to remove a gravel pile that was used as a berm to seal off a secondary driveway entrance. When I put her away, I noticed oil just below the driver's side engine panel, on the frame. Upon removing it, I found what looks like a leak on one of the FOUR coolers stacked in front of the engine.

    I was able to pull the part and model number off the cooler, and have a message in with my local dealer (Mountain Farm Int'l in Crossville, TN).

    In the meantime, I figured I'd ask here if this is the first time anyone has seen this, or if it's a known issue. My 2 year warrant ran out in February, and I had them go over the system. Of course, they didn't say anything (or it wasn't leaking then).

    Leaking oil from cooler?-2018-06-14_16-43-44-a
    Leaking oil from cooler?-2018-06-14_16-43-13-a
    Leaking oil from cooler?-2018-06-14_16-42-35-a
    Leaking oil from cooler?-2018-06-14_16-38-58-a

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    Default Re: Leaking oil from cooler?

    I guess this is not a common issue.

    I received the replacement oil cooler with FedEx today. $220 w/shipping, no tax from Big Red's Parts in TX.

    Getting to the cooler wasn't particularly easy, as it involved removing the battery, the frame above the battery, the ECU, and the AC compressor coil. Using just a 10 and 12mm socket, I was able to get everything out of the way, and accessed/swapped the coil in under 2.5 hours.

    While the original coil was warped a bit, I couldn't identify any leaks. In fact, I'm not convinced the coil is bad. Instead, I think what happend is that when the branch yanked on the steel lines, in not only bent to cooler, but it actually loosened the adapter fitting at the coil input. The aluminum coil has a parallel fitting that uses a very thin copper crush gasket. When I went to remove the fitting, it was barely finger tight. I think the tubing may have torqued it to loosen it - which is perhaps where the oil originated.

    I replaced the coil anyway. At $200, it's cheap insurance, and since the expense is in the effort it took to access it in the first place, I wasn't going to gamble.

    Hopefully this helps someone else.

    FWIW, the PN shown in the picture provides ZERO results on Google. Removing the hyphens will reveal a number of sellers (PN 14721062003). The source I used provides authentic TYM parts, drop shipped.

    ETA: added these pics...

    Leaking oil from cooler?-2018-06-20_16-32-52-a

    Leaking oil from cooler?-2018-06-20_16-32-28-a

    Leaking oil from cooler?-2018-06-20_16-33-11-a

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    Default Re: Leaking oil from cooler?

    thanks for the info. its nice when people put the end result in after they solve a problem. someday i hope to use an old pickup bedliner as a skid plate for the entire bottom to minimize branches and such from doing too much damage.

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