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    Default Fuel consumption

    I like the larger tires on the 6500 4wd, but other than that and larger injector flow of fuel (I think), this tractor, the 5500 4wd, & 6000 4wd, seem to be the same machines.

    All things being equal, machines all doing the same task, wondering if the difference in fuel consumption between different models would really be noticable.

    Idleing would seem to be a no brainer. But would the differ. be noticable?

    Would the fact that for the same task, the 6500 could perhaps run at a lower rpm, vs. a higher speed for a smaller hp machine bring them closer together on fuel use?

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    Default Re: Fuel consumption

    M_P: I believe the 6500 has about 20 CID more than the 6000 and about 5 or so more HP. Weighs a few lbs more as well as the slightly larger tires. Not sure when you came along here, but a couple of years ago, some folks stated that the rated HP on the "00" series engines is somewhat understated. I remembered a thread that the 6000 (biggest available at the time) dyno'd at about 63 or 64 HP rather than the the 59HP advertised. Others seemed to confirm on other models as well. If you need 60 to 65 HP you might consider the 5500 or the 6000 and get buy with a few less cubic inches and a few less gallons of fuel to boot. If you need 66 to 70 HP go with the 6500. BobG in VA

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