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    Default 4110 first 50 Hour maintainence

    I am coming up on my 50 hour interval on my 4110. I have read the manual. Changing the oil and filter will not be a problem. Can someone explain how to change the Hydro fluid and filter. How do I remove the filter. Also the the manual states I need to replace the 4wd front end fluid. This is my first time changing these fluids(first tractor). Thanks

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    Sounds like you need to buy a service manual from your dealer.

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    Grizzman, The drain plug for the trans/draulic oil is in the center of the tractor between the rear wheels. The hydraulic filter is located under the right side below the platform. Remove the 6 bolts on the front of the canister, then follow the piping on the front of the canister to the pump and remove it from the pump. Be careful not to lose any Orings. Move the pipe forward out of the way and pull the cartridge out of the canister and replace with a new one. Bolt everything back together, being sure the Orings are all back in position. The fill cap is located in the rear of the tractor.
    The front axil has 3 drain plugs one in the center of the axil and 1 on each side at the bottom of the axil assembly. Drain the oil from all three of the drains, replace the drain plugs and fill the axil from the fill plug on the top left side. Put about 1 gallon of 80w90 oil in, wait a few minutes and check the dip stick for the proper level. I hope this imfo helps you get the done. Good luck with your new 4110.

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