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    Default CG for a 2615

    I recently purchased a 2615. This is my first tractor and the first tractor I've ever driven. I live in the California foothills just below Placerville. I'm 49, have lots of common sense, and to prove it, I'm still married after 16 years with two kids, and ride a motorcycle almost daily and am still alive to talk about it. But this tractor saftey thing on slopes has me a bit confused. I think it's a little different than riding dirt bikes ;>) I purchased a tilt meter from the vendor who advertises on this site. And according to this meter I'm in the danger zone at 15 degrees! Yesterday I was out cutting a trail to the south-forty and being extra carefull and going very slow, but was suprised at how quickly I can get to 12 degrees on what I would think most operators would consider relatively level ground.

    Can someone please tell me how far I can push this thing without rolling it? My tires are not filled and I currently have the front loader installed (and yes I keep it low) and a 4' Howse box blade. Once I get the property scoped out I will be running a rear rotary cutter.

    I should probably post this question in the "operating" forum but I'm particularly interested in hearing from people who know about this particular tractor or are at least familiar with the Mistsubishi line up.



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    Default Re: CG for a 2615

    Both My friend and I each have a 2615HST w/ loader. We've been using both tractors working his 21 acre wooded lot clearing downed trees, filling in wet spots, making trails, etc. He has some hilly terrain which we try to avoid. Loading the tires will help lower the center of gravity lessening the chance of a rollover. We've had some close calls going through the woods with the bucket loaded and had a front wheel drop in a wet spot hole lifting one of the rears wheels off the ground. We try to avoid steep grades (don't have a tilt meter) and if we do go on a hill we go straight up and down not along the side of the grade and always use low range in 4 wheel drive. I'd stick to the 15 degree limit, go slow and wear your seat belt.

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