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    does any one have a m/f 1428V. a local seller has some at a fair price. any other better tractors that may be beter?

    thanks joe

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    Depends what you think of as a fair price. When I started shopping, my dealer wanted $15,700 for that model. As just mentioned in another post, I found a Century 2028 for more than $2000 less. Massey makes a great tractor. I personally think they are overpriced and that is why they are not more popular. JMHO

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    what did that include?I,m in Md. and I got priced $15800 for 1433v w/1466 loader 60" or 66" bucket, the bigger r4 tires (filled) & delivery (about 50 miles).btw local blue dealer wants $16k for tc30.I've decided on going w/ 1433,haven't got price on paper yet,but about $17300 for same set up.I would like to know what kind of pricing other people got on similar setups.

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    I noticed that you are from Southern Maryland and are looking at Massey's. I am just south of Leonardtown and have been looking at primarily 3 tractor loader combo's. I went to Gateway in Upper Marlboro. TC 30 9x3, 7308 loader 60" bucket, ag tires $15,250. I believe the sales person said R-4 tires would be $300 more. I have also looked at the Massey 1428v at Guy's. Perry gave me a verbal quote last Sat. 1428v 4wd 1464 loader for $14000. I can't remember if that was for Ag tires or R-4's. I also looked at Gardiners (kubota) L3000dt and got quotes from Carver Equipment for 3000dt tractor and 452s loader $15500 (including delivery)I do not think you can get r-4's with the L3000dt. I would much rather buy as local as I can. I keep coming back to the Massey 1428v because in addition to liking the tractor, I like the dealer and he is only about 5 miles away. Does this price sound about right, its difficult to find pricing info on the Massey's because they don't seem quite as popular.


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    massey price sounds about right to me.It compares favorably to tc30 on paper,but from what I saw has tons more operator room.gateway quoted me 16k on tc30 w/r4's filled and I didn't like thier high pressure sales, lack of respect,and got the feeling they only wanted in my pocket.that was my exp. there.Hugh is ok,btw,you can get r4's on L3000dt.I'm not brand particular as they are all well built w/little problems.But I came back to Perry because he was the only local dealer that offered me a fair price,respect,interest in my use,and good atmosphere that we don't see much of anymore.I called a couple places just to price check and Perry was lowest.On my second trip there,Perry and I were talking and realized we were aquainted and didn't recognize each other because it had been about 5-6 years since we'd talked.He's a good guy(Guy)and I'm going to use him.We havn't nailed down the deal because I'm waiting on my refinance settlement(can't stand the wait).If you watch when you're driving the backroads you'll see alot of massey's around here.Just my opinion;when I'm spending $14k-$20k a few hundred bucks isn't much.Service,fair treatment,respect before and after sale are worth more to me.

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    Thanks for confirming what my common sense has been trying to tell me. A rock bottom price will never outweigh good, courteous service after the sale. I took a ride over to Guy's this Sunday and they had (2) 1428v's with r-4s. I will probably be heading over there one day this week to firm up the deal. Good luck with your purchase.

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    they have a stack of them in the back too.Massey's v series is selling pretty well for them.Perry was busy the other day so Jeff walked around w/me to see if any 1433's came in.they can put whatever tire you want on it.The tires and tractors are purchased seperate,at least that's my understanding.

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