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    Default Keep of sell? Moving to state w/ no MF dealer

    I own a 2005 +/- GC2300 on which I have:

    60" MMM
    Woods BH6000 BH
    72" BB
    2360 snowblower

    It looks like we'll be moving this fall from Minnesota to rural Alaska. From what I can see, there are no Massey dealers in the entire state. I'm leaning towards taking the entire/majoroity package with me anyway. What I'm debating is whether it would be more economical to sell this one and purchase a kubota or John Deere, both of which would have a dealer less than 200 miles from where we will be living.

    I am expecting MF parts to be extremely long lead time with eyewatering shipping prices, but since I don't expect to use the GC2300 to generate income, I'm figuring it will be more of an inconvenience and less money in the long run (vs. selling any buying an equivalent), based largely on my operating experience and maintenance costs to date. FWIW, my GC has never seen a dealer since I purchased it. I only have about 400 hours on it.

    Am I off base here? I'm curious about your opinions. I'm estimating 4000# to move everything listed above, although MMMs could probably stay home since lawns are pretty sparse in the permafrost. Based on my total allowable shipping weight, it will displace other items that I would like to bring along.

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    Default Re: Keep of sell? Moving to state w/ no MF dealer

    I don't know much about Alaska other then what I see on TV and I know on the TV shows they keep talking about how hard it is to get parts and other items in certain areas. I would sell the tractor now and wait to buy a new one till you know for sure what you will need. Who knows you may need or want a bigger machine or maybe none at all but at least you will have plenty of time to figure it out and if you take the MF and then decide you need a different machine well your MF isn't going to be worth anywhere near what it would be worth near a MF dealer.

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    Default Re: Keep of sell? Moving to state w/ no MF dealer

    I think it will depend on what your intentions are in Alaska in regards to a property, length of time you expect to be there etc. As a military man I have moved around quite a bit and always have to consider whether my tour will be long enough to warrant taking certain vehicles or "toys" with us for the move. If you plan on purchasing a property, or even better if you've decided on a property, then you'll know whether you'll need your TLB or whether all you really need is something for snow removal as an example.

    The other thing to consider is what shape the used tractors in Alaska are likely to be in. Where I'm at as an example, if you look for used vehicles the location where the equipment was used is important. If in the Valley then it is all sand and not likely to have been too beaten up, but if on top of the hills it can be mostly rock and quite hard on equipment. In short, is what is available on the market for used equipment mostly used up and junk or are there well maintained and reasonably priced pieces of equipment available in the class / HP range you're looking at?

    Lots to think about, but if it were me and I didn't need any more tractor than I had, I'd have to consider keeping what I know to be a reliable machine if unable to source out a suitable replacement before leaving. Again, if your intention is to buy new than the used issues are not a concern, only how competitive are the prices in Alaska and would it be better to sell and purchase new prior to departing or not. As far as parts, I get most of mine from a local dealer of a different brand name, but yes some are ordered in and there is a freight charge.

    Whichever you decide, best of luck in the adventure you and your family are about to embark on, Alaska is a beautiful part of the world!
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    Default Re: Keep of sell? Moving to state w/ no MF dealer

    That's a tough one! The 2300 is a very dependable machine, but I know first hand how expensive it is to ship stuff up there. Some good points made already, esp. about waiting until you're there to see what you really need. As far as parts are concerned, I bet some folks here on TBN would be happy to locate parts and send them to you, if you couldn't find a dealer that could expedite things.

    My suggestion: leave it behind with a trusted friend, get to your new home, and then decide. It could always be sold --or shipped-- later.
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