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    Default Be careful what you ask for

    The old axiom of "Be careful what you ask for" has hit home. Been kicking around a 1635/1643 w/FEL for a month or so. Told the wife to head up to the local MF dealer and see what they have and let me know what you like.

    Well I guess the word "like" and "buy" mean the same thing in her world. Dealer was to have delivered a 1635 P/S with DL120 FEL last evening. Have not gotten word yet if it's been delivered but she told me via e-mail the papers were signed and it was to be delivered by sundown the 30th.

    My only problem is I'm working overseas for the next 14-20 months. So I'll get to see pictures, drool and make tractor noises in my sleep, but no seat time quite yet. Probably going to head home first part of June for 3 weeks vacation - it s/b broken in by then so ..... it's pictures from home and TBN forums. Told her to read the operators manual a couple of times to understand the break-in process and I think we'll be golden.

    Thanks and take care - one other thing I do appreciate is the support for the MF group here in their response to a couple of my ??'s earlier now.


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    Default Re: Be careful what you ask for

    I think your very lucky to have such a NICE wife who would do that for you. Good luck be safe.

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    Default Re: Be careful what you ask for

    Differently a NICE wife.
    Kind Regards, Gary

    John Deere H 1/2 scale replica??

    Antique Tractor Pictures Link

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    Congrats!!! Make sure to post some pics. Our wives must think alike. I never thought I'd ever have a tractor until I was like 60 ( I'm 29), but got looking at them last summer and ended up ordering one last August. Thankfully I have a great wife that understands my needs (or wants). Good luck overseas!
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