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    Default MF 1529 pto issue

    I have been a lurker for a couple of years and just joined TBN today.Last week i bought a used MF 1529 with loader (59) hrs to replace my older kubota L2350. Now everytime i try to start the PTO with my bush hog the shear bolt on the PTO shaft busts. I am sure its operator error, any ideas? Also when i lifted the 3 point hitch all the way up to look under the bush hog it will not come down? i did not get an operators manual and wonder if anyone had some insight? Thanks.

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    For the PTO shaft shearing pins ... are you activating the PTO at high RPM's? It's always better to start a 3pt implement slow and build up the RPM's.

    As for the lift sensitivity, check your hydraulic sensitivity knob and adjust it. It's a dial usually beneath the front of the seat.
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    Default Re: MF 1529 pto issue

    Not positive but I think if you have a dealer call MF service department they have a PTO soft engage kit avaialble. Also make sure engine rpm is on the lower side when engaging the pto as previously mentioned.

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    Default Re: MF 1529 pto issue

    1529 is direct start. Soft Start is on the larger 1500 Series like 1533 and up. The 3 Point is direct linkage so it should lower. I'll ask out service department. Could be something in the control valve not allowing it to release. I'l l report what I here from them tomorrow.

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