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    Default MF 204 Instant Reverse quits when hot.

    I just got a MF 204 with Continental and Instant Reverse Trans running after 10 years sitting. I have used it about an hour total run time for very light duty use but the trans never got above 100 cause I only moved 20 feet at a time. I now put it to work using the loader and when the trans temp gets above 150 it doesnt want to go forward and sometimes not backwards too. Once it gets below 150 then forward and reverse works again. It has gone as high as 180. The transmission/rear end never got warm. I would think it would because the hyd fluid is shared although the 3 point arms have been removed and the housings welded shut from a previous owner. It has new multi-purpose hyd fluid but has slight water contamination from old fluid but I did flush it between fills. I have a workshop service manual. I saw a previous post about my same situation and someone mentioned adjusting clutches but cant really tell how to do it from the manual.

    Is the adjustment of the clutch/clutches all that might be needed? Can it be done without splitting the tractor? I have searched for about an hour using various search terms

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    Default Re: MF 204 Instant Reverse quits when hot.

    I can't help on the info about adjusting the clutches or anything but, and this could just be on my tractor (1960 204 Z134 gas Reverse O Matic) the torque converter has a seperate fill and drain from the trans and hydraulic system. My trans has never been above 150 according to the guage, don't know how accurate it is though. From what I understand this guage would be for the hydraulic and trans gears and not the torque converter which is supossed to have a cooler unit by the radiator. mine doesn't have one and I don't really know at what temp the torque converter (fluid) is running at.
    Mine is a little hesitant to go foward until the tractor is warmed up but never had any trouble with reverse.
    Don't know if any of this will help with your issue just thought I'd share what little knowledge I have about my 204

    Good luck to you.

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