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    Default Oils, coolant and additives in classic Massey Fergusons

    I know the oils and coolant have been discussed many times on TBN, just thought it would be good to put MF specific information in one place.

    • Coolant: Traditional green antifreeze
    • Engine oil: Rotella T in 15/40
    • Hydraulic oil: ?
    • Steering fluid: ?
    • Diesel fuel additives: 2 stroke oil is good for lubrication and worked well in my former 7.3 F250 and currently in my Ford 1500 diesel

    Please chime in with what you recommend and why
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    Default Re: Oils, coolant and additives in classic Massey Fergusons

    I was told to make sure the antifreeze was for diesel engines.

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    Default Re: Oils, coolant and additives in classic Massey Fergusons

    Continental gas calls for 10w-30 oil. However, make sure you are buying an oil with a reasonable amount of Zinc dialkydithiophosphate (ZDDP). Basically zinc and phosphate to provide anti wear protection in flat tappet.

    If you use a 15-40 in your continental you will be covered as they have sufficient levels of it. However, if you go buy a 10-30 off the shelf that is the current API designation SN, it will not have the amount necessary to protect the motor. You need an API SG, or SL/CF grade. Basically, the grade that contained the necessary ZDDP. A 10-30 motorcycle oil would work fine.

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