So this tractor has tons of use and is "worn out". But I am trying to keep her in service to keep our acreage brush hogged and some other light work. When brush hogging a pasture I don't care, but when I am driving through the yard for some work or just knocking down some big patches of grass in our yard with the brush hog I have to make wide turns or the front tires will dig in and rip out the earth. I know the rib tires will do this, but it does it more on right turns than left turns. So this got me to watching what is going on. And the front end is worn out is my conclusion.

I don't know if replacing all the bushings in the front will help or not. But there is so much slack in the front pivot area that it makes some pretty loud noises when it comes off the ground. I have seen replacement pins and bushings from various vendors and ebay, my question does it just take one bushing? Also both Spindles are in need of bushings. My fear is they have been drove so long like this, that I am not sure what I will find when I take this thing apart or if I can even put it back together without sourcing replacements. It has been kept greased, but when your driving on gravel, you can see the tires all moving back and fourth about an inch or more. All in all it looks like the front axle is tilted a few degrees (top tilted front and bottom tilted toward rear) giving it an offset castor and steering geometry. If this few degrees is what is tearing up my yard then it will help a ton.

Just pass me some of your thoughts on how your tractor treats the yard/earth when turning. Thanks.