I live in southern Louisiana. I am looking to buy a used 231 Massey Ferguson (from 97' to whatever the last year was that they made them) (which happens to be my most favorite Massey Ferguson tractor), a Mahindra 3505 (used), or a Mahindra 3525 (used- took the place of the 3505) soon. I am having a hard time deciding- mainly because I like the looks, the "lope" of the engine, and the low profile operator's area on the 231 MF.

First of all, the 231 MF has 34 PTO HP, and 38 engine HP. The Mahindra 3525 has 27 PTO HP, and 35 engine HP. That is a big difference (In My Opinion) in PTO HP between the two. But pricewise, around here the Mahindra would be about $2500.00 cheaper than the Massey (IF I could even find this Massey model for sale), along with 250-500 hrs less on the meter.

The tractor will primarilly be used for bush-hogging on my time off (Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays) to make extra money, along with keeping my grandmother's grass cut down (about 9 acres). But like I stated, the tractor will mainly be a money maker.

I am not posting this in the Mahindra forum, for I think I have enough information on the models I am looking at.

What are the downfalls on the 231 ? Which would you choose? DOES ANYONE KNOW OF ANY FOR SALE IN MY AREA?

With all this said, please keep in mind that there isn't any Massey dealers around me (for support). The closest one (out of 3) would be probably be 50 miles or so away. There are 2 Mahindra dealers that are about 30 miles away from me. 2 dealers more would be about 80 miles one way, for each of them.
There isn't much support at all for Massey Ferguson around here.

Travis R

*****OH and I would also definitely buy the 231S (which I also really love AND if I could find one for sale), 431, or a 533. I wouls even take a 231S over the 231, as much as I really like the 231.*****