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    Default mf 235 power steering fix

    Morning folks
    I have a massey fergusion 235 .1975 troubles with the power steering,I no they had problems and discontinued the power steering, my question is what was the fix for the following year and can that fix help me and I guess others that are having same problem thanks all. oh ps any none good dealers with pumps available

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    Default Re: mf 235 power steering fix

    The "fix" was to eventually discontinue the 235 model completely. It was replaced by the 245. The steering for the 235 was "simplified" (read CHEAPENED) from what was on the 135. The cylinders and pump was less than reliable. Failures were common in the 2 year production run of the 235. So bad, the model just went away. Replacement parts weren't any better than originals. By the mid 80's, steering parts for the 235 were in short supply. There were a few 235's that didn't have power steering. They didn't fare much better.

    The best "fix" I've seen was a salvaged front end from a burnt 245 installed under a 235.

    Except for the steering and axle woes, the 235 was a good little tractor. But a look at "blue book" value will tell you they AREN'T the popular tractor that all the rest of the small Masseys of that day proved to be.
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