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    Default GC2310 FEL Lifting capacity

    Pickup a new GC2310 a week or two ago, and it seems not to be able to handle what my older Kobuta B6100 could. Is there some factory adjustment to prevent lifting more than it's intended too?

    Often just moving snow around it won't lift anything over half a bucket?

    Any thoughts?
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    Default Re: GC2310 FEL Lifting capacity

    I remember hearing a post here about the hydraulic valve typically not being adjusted correctly from the factory. There was a picture of a gummed up valve as well. Not being a whiz at hydraulics and deferring to others more knowledgeable than I, check out the plunger type adjustment on the four way valve.

    Now there's a newbie type response.
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    Default Re: GC2310 FEL Lifting capacity

    Another newbie here-- but it sure sounds like something's not right. This winter my 2310 was able to pick up an overflowing bucketful of icy, crusted snow chunks, to the point that the rear began to feel light, even with the backhoe on-- and strained only a tiny bit in doing this.... I was wishing for a larger bucket! Used to drive a 66 ss396 myself, until my brother bought it; he found it completely stripped one morning, sitting on bricks, in the parking lot of his apartment complex in Beltsville, MD. (ouch.)
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