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    My buddy called me up this afternoon and told me his MF 135 is stuck in reverse. He said he has tried everything, but it will not come out of reverse. Have any of you guys heard of this happening before and what should be done to correct it? Thanks in advance. RRM

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    The filler plug is to the left of the big shifter on top of the transmission.

    From MF Guru, Big Dean Austin's Website:


    Getting the main shift lever unstuck
    Pull your filler plug for the transmission look inside you will see a big gear. Find a level spot shut off the tractor. Push the clutch down & put the high low shifter in neutral to relieve any pressure that might be on the gears. With a long screwdriver or a small pry bar pry the big gear forward if it is hung in reverse. Pry it back if it is hung in first gear. If you happen to go to far it will go in the other gear. You need to get it in the center. You should be able to feel the detent balls pop in the grooves in the shift rail as you move the gear. Through the years I have probably unstuck at least a 1000 of them this way. It is a common problem on the Massey tractors after they get a little wear on them.

    Good Luck,


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    I'll passed it along. Thank you very much. I'll keep that in mind in case it happens to my 35. RRM

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    I have had to do this a couple times on my 135 , It comes from speed shifting when doing alot of back & forth work, Tell your friend just to slow it down a make the 90* angle shifts instead of the lighting bolt slide shift...

    Usually happens when you are getting a little tired or in too much of a hurry..

    The work will be done much faster if you don't have to fiddle with stuck gears ...

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    It also helps to push down on the shifter when making shifts. You can pull up the rubber boot and take a hammer and pean around the shifter to tighten it up in the downward position. This will not fix the problem but will help a lot.

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    Thanks guys for all of your advice. My buddy called me Sunday evening and said the gear popped back into place real nice. He's a city boy that just bought 9 acres and a brush hog and was kind of let down when the tractor jammed up. He's like a kid in a candy store now. Thanks, RRM

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    Masseys that tend to hang in gear need to be shifted CAREFULLY, with attention paid to NOT pulling up, even slightly, on the shifter(s).

    Get in the habit of pushing DOWN on the shifter while changing gears. That helps reduce the likelyhood of pulling up on it.
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