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    Default Massey Ferguson 1250-Engine Replacement

    I bought an older Massey Ferguson 1250 at an auction at a very good price. It would not stay running for any period of time. I did all of the typical things to get it running and changed every fluid in the tractor. A new air filter allowed it to remain running. But...that is when I discovered the antifreeze coming out the block. I had a guy try to weld it but that made it worse. I am afraid my only option is to replace the engine. I am not having any luck finding one on the Internet. (Iseki-E3AD1) Would anyone have a lead on such an engine? or in the alternative...has any one tried to adapt some other, more commonly found engine, to work in this tractor? Any leads would be greatly appreciated.


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    Default Re: Massey Ferguson 1250-Engine Replacement

    do a search for west kentuckey tractor parts...not sure of web site.. i used to have a 1250..i got some stuff from them...good to deal with...i hope this helps... tough luck on your tractor..i know mine was a tough little tractor. best of luck bruce
    Bruce neal

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    Default Re: Massey Ferguson 1250-Engine Replacement

    The 1260 had the same motor except with a turbo. You could keep the turbo or exchange the manifolds if you found one from that model.
    The place Hernando spoke of would also be the first place I would check.

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