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    Default 46" wide snowblower on a GC2300/GC2310

    Anyone using a 46" wide snowblower on a GC2300/GC2310? How is that working out for you? Are you able to blow your laneway with just two trips (one up and one down) or do you end up having to do 3 trips to get it wide enough for a typical car/truck?

    I'm looking at buying a snowblower for my GC2310, and I know a guy that is selling a used ~4 year old, 46" wide, Meteor snowblower. It's not a great deal, but it's a lot less money than a new 52" wide Meteor snowblower.

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    Default Re: 46" wide snowblower on a GC2300/GC2310

    I have a front mounted MF2360 that's claimed to be 50" wide and it works great. I use mine a lot and am always having to adjust the chute because of the conditions here so I have an electrically operated chute deflector and a manual chute rotator. Wish I had an electric or hydraulic chute rotator as well.

    The number of paths depends on how curved the blown area is and how wide the driveway is. I blow about 18" wide of the paved area so I take 3 passes.

    I have no experience with Meteor blowers so I can't speak specifically about them.

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    Default Re: 46" wide snowblower on a GC2300/GC2310

    Ditto DEWFPO-- I have same 50" blower; 2 passes would probably do it, but I take 2-1/2 or so, so the driveway's a bit more comfortable.
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