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    Default MF 165 vs. 178

    I have a 178, and my uncle has a 165 with a cracked engine. Both are diesel with MP. Are any drive/hydraulic components interchangeable that would make it worth getting the 165? Another option would be finding another engine for the 165, but haven't had much luck on that end. How interchangeable are engines from other models? Thanks.

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    Default Re: MF 165 vs. 178

    You may run into a few problems. The 178 was a UK model. Most UK models I've seen are a little different than the US versions. I think they all ran metric hardware. I don't know if the housings would line up or not. An engine shouldn't be that hard to find for that 165. Can the old one be repaired?

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    Default Re: MF 165 vs. 178

    No, he's the sort of guy who would have found a way to make it run if at all possible. When the MP went on it years ago, he machined some pipe up and got it working again. It's held together for quite a few years now.

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