F.Y.I. everyone, I now have my tire chains mounted on the front and rear tires. I have R4 industrial tires on the tractor. The tire chains are the twisted link type, 2 link type that were sized for the tires. I think they needed to be shortened by 2 or 3 cross chains being removed . Jacked up each wheel to install the chains. Clipped off the extra connecting links on the inside and also the outside so they do not fly around and hit anything. The tire chains fit are pretty snug, also added the metal spring type chain tighteners. Some cables and wires had been lightly rubbing the forward part of the inside right rear tire and needed to pulled towards the frame and secured with wire ties. Used the tractor Saturday to blow snow and the turning is greatly improved on the frozen driveway with the tire chains. I did not use the 4WD but a couple of times because the traction from the rear tires was also a lot better. After clearing the snow, I rechecked the tire chains and they were still snug . I will keep them on until the driveway unfreezes. KC