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    Default Rear Blade or Box Blade - leveling field

    I have a couple acres of rough land that I mow (GC2300). I would like to level it. Because I live in an area that doesn't get a lot of rain, I am reluctant to till it and re-seed.

    I am wondering about dumping soil on top of the grass, and pulling it level with a blade? Perhaps cutting an inch or two off the high spots with the blade as I do so. I'm thinking the grass would grow back up through the soil.

    Has anyone done this? Is the Rear Blade or Box Blade the answer? I'm somewhat hopeful the Rear Blade is the answer, because I suspect I would use it to move snow as well. Thoughts?

    Thank you,

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    Default Re: Rear Blade or Box Blade - leveling field

    Box Blade is the way I would go.

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    Default Re: Rear Blade or Box Blade - leveling field

    Boxblade is the best for moving material over longer distances as the box holds the dirt until you lift it off the ground. If you got a rear blade, most all the dirt will go off to the sides unless you made some side brackets to make a box out of it. Then you could just bolt it on so when you want to do snow removal, you can remove the sides. I know fron experience since I have both. I can admit that I do use my rear blade more than the boxblade though.
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    Default Re: Rear Blade or Box Blade - leveling field

    I'm thinking about the same solution for parts of my yard. I have played with my box blade some to see how it might work. If you extend the top link so the front blade of the BB is off the ground slightly, and the weight of the BB is resting on the rear blade, it seems to ride along just fine, and deposits dirt in the low places. I think that the amount the front blade is off the ground is roughly how much dirt you will leave in the low areas though I haven't done enough of it yet to be sure. Of course if you want to knock off some high points, you can shorten the top link until you get the action you want. I've heard that if you don't put too much dirt on at a time, the existing grass will grow right up through it, and then you can repeat the procedure. How much is too much? Well, I can't answer that exactly, but I know that it will grow through a half inch of new dirt, or so anyway, and probably an inch would be OK. I have some pretty good holes so they may require some extra seed.
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    Default Re: Rear Blade or Box Blade - leveling field

    A box blade is the way to go, you'll be suprised at the amount of work you can do with one. Bret

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    Default Re: Rear Blade or Box Blade - leveling field

    I have sprayed 1 & 1/2 ac. with round up during late summer, leveled it with a box blade, and lightly reseeded it in the fall, with good results.

    There is a learning curve to really use a box blade to it's full potential, but if you read up on it, and practice you should be fine.

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