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    Default What fluid to use in the rear end of the tractor?

    Ok, so this will make me sound a bit uneducated on my tractor, but perhaps thats the case. Lets try to fix that....

    My rear seal by the PTO has a slow leak. I assume the fill point for this is one of the bolts by the gear shift level as it would function as the oil in the rear end. My 2 questions are what type of oil should I fill it with and where exactly is the fill point?


    Geez, forgot to add. Its a Massey 35 delux

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    Default Re: What fluid to use in the rear end of the tractor?

    Fill point is just to left of gear shift lever on top of the housing.....2 1'2 inch cover with nut molded in on top.

    Ask dealer what oil they currently recommend....most Likely Permatran?

    Someone else may know better.......

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    Default Re: What fluid to use in the rear end of the tractor?

    On most tractors the oil used in the rear end is also the same as the transmission oil and the FEL if you have one and they are all interconected. For my kubota I found there is an oil made by Amilee (sp?) call UltraTrans 245. This oil meets or exceedes the specs for many types of tractors transmission oil.

    The recommended Kubota oil was $75.00 for a 5 gallon pail and the UltraTrans cost me $46.00 a pail and it meets the specs for Kubota Super UDT which is their best oil for hydrostatic transmissions and gear drives as well.


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    Default Re: What fluid to use in the rear end of the tractor?

    Hi mate
    we use Morris universal tractor oil on our MF 135 for both the engine and the rear Tx/ Hyd as they are all the same oil
    This is UK company but you should be ablke to get equivelant stateside

    Super Farm Universal 10w/30 Tractor Oil

    The filler plug serves as stated the gearbox and rear TX as they interconnect
    However, if you ever drain the oil, there are two drain plugs as the two sections are linked by a 1 inch high weir. That is so that the gearbox doesnt go dry if the hydaulics pump out all the oil due to burst external pipe etc

    Check the breather plug which sits on top of the TX behind the gear shift and looks like a little brass cap. If this blocks, you can overpressure the TX and cause leaks
    Its very easy to remove the side covers or PTO or response to put instant gasket on but drain the oil down first and recover it if its clean
    Might be worth changing the hydraulic filter while you have the PTO plate off and oil drained (sits in the base of the TX by the plate
    as they are only about 」10 and if blocked, slow the hydraulics right down

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