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    Default Massey 1030 sticking brake

    Hello: I have a 1030 Massey and last year I had a problem with the left brake binding. I replaced the hydraulic fluid and filter and it seemed to go away. When I pulled the tractor out of the shed this spring the brake was totally locked up on that wheel. It;s freed up a bit now and starts to bind after the tractor has warmed up for a few minutes. If I run the tractor and push in the clutch the wheel locks right up. I;ve disconnected the linkage to that side, still binding. If I engage the diff lock the proble seems to disappear. If I have take it apart to look internally how hard and long of a job is it and what would be looking for ? Any ideas would be appreciated Greg

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    Default Re: Massey 1030 sticking brake

    I talked to a dealer and they say may possible that a seal between the rear diff and the left axle may be leaking causing the pressure to the brake. Does this make any sense to anyone?

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    Default Re: Massey 1030 sticking brake

    i had to have mine taken to the shop and pulled apart. Too much for me but after they got it dis assembled I was told they don't make the wet brakes anymore so they worked on the existing and got them functional...may not of done the service had I known on the front end as it cost me almost $3K and the solution was not perfect. Suggest you find the parts prior to starting repair, maybe search the internet supply.

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