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    Default Spinning My Wheels

    I just became the proud responsible person of a 1975 MF 255. I grew up on AC and have spun out the rear wheels several times with ease, but can not make the MF 255's budge. Removed both locks on each rear wheel, even lubed the rails with some spray sylicone , wd 40, even bee's wax and still no movement. It looks as though they've been in the "IN" position for some time. Does MF require the wheels be off the ground or slightly relieved of some of the tractor's weight in order to spin the tires out?

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    Default Re: Spinning My Wheels

    May have to break them loose first, as they may just be rusted in place after 35 years, or close. Took me a while to catch on that you were changing the position of the wheels to widen the stance. I'm slow sometimes.

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