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    Default fuse box mf231

    Is their two fuse boxes on a MF231? I see one on the left side of the steering wheel that seems to be just for the lights. Where is the other one? I'm having a problem with starting it. I have power all the way coming from the ignition switch to the neutral safety switch. The wire going from the switch to the solenoid is dead. I used a jumper wire from the switch to the solenoid and it started. Any help would be appreciated.


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    Default Re: fuse box mf231

    Sounds like the safety switch is bad, or the wire from the switch to the solenoid is bad.Or it's not in neutral.
    I figure you checked that last one already.

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    Default Re: fuse box mf231

    The neutral switch is good. Does anyone know where the yellow wire coming out of the neutral safety switch goes after it leaves the switch. It seems to go back under the console and ends up at the solenoid? I believe that it has to go through a relay or fuse. But I can't find it. Also since I used the jumper from the switch to the solenoid to start it, now the hydro's won't operate...

    any help...........


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