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    Default 1010 Battery replacement?

    Pretty sure the 3 year old battery in my 1010 hydro is shot, no click. A booster gets it to click. I can jump with my truck and the tractor runs fine. Shut it off after running and hour and it won't even click.

    ( tractor doesn't get much use - snow clearing in the winter, firewood moving in the summer)

    Any other ideas besides battery?

    Looks like a higher CCA car battery might fit for about the same money.

    Anybody tried this?

    Can more CCA damage the electricals? I guess not but I guess wrong a lot.

    Inputs valued.

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    Default Re: 1010 Battery replacement?

    You can charge it up with a charger and see if it's putting out 12 volts. Or you could charge it up and take the battery to AutoZone or one of those places and get them to test it for you with one of their testers. I found out mine was only putting out about 9 volts. The tractor would still crank at times....

    More CCA's won't hurt a thing. It'll just supply enough CCA's longer. Make sure the battery you get actually fits, and go with it. That's probably what is wrong.

    If your battery tests out ok, then you want to start checking connections, especially the battery ground to the frame. Make sure everything is clean and tight. No corrosion or rust allowed!

    But no more than you use the tractor, it's very likely just a bad battery. I put mine on the charger once in a while. You could connect it to a battery charger and put the charger on a lamp timer set to come on for 1 hour a day. That should keep it happy.

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