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    Default MF OEM parts vs. Napa Auto Parts

    Today I found out that there is quite a difference in price for a GC2410 fuel filter element,

    Napa Auto Parts part # 3262 Fuel Filter Element price $12.29
    MF OEM part # 3608255M1 Fuel Filter Element price $ 7.01

    Wow, the MF OEM price is $5.28 cheaper, go figure, .

    Like most, I always thought that OEM parts were higher priced than after market parts, .

    Have any of you run into this on other parts ?
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    Default Re: MF OEM parts vs. Napa Auto Parts

    When I last checked, the NAPA oil filter was about the same price as the MF one.

    NAPA is not a discount store. They generally sell good quality, at moderate prices. For those who find it convenient to go there, because it is close by, it's worth it.

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    Default Re: MF OEM parts vs. Napa Auto Parts

    I was working on a JD a few weeks ago and was going to change all filters. To my suprise, straight from JD was about $40 cheaper than going to the auto store and getting wix filters.

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    Default Re: MF OEM parts vs. Napa Auto Parts

    It is some times a hard bullet to bite. But I buy the OMF stuff. Just because... the darn thing cost so much from the get go. Feed it what it wants. For some, you learn what will make it survive, I just follow the corprate rules as I'm just a home owner/tractor type. The Ford and Dodge stuff I buy at Wal-mart/and or Napa/Crapa/China............
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