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    Default My Mower Deck Mods (CG2600)

    With the weight of this mower deck, It's not the easiest to handle. I see I'm not the only one to look for easy solutions to remove this monster. So here are some things that I done.

    I just modified/drilled both rear deck wheels so they'll lock sideways. I drilled between the top 2 holes so I don't jeopardize any strength in the shaft. It also allows for the right rear roller to be as straight as it can be (still a slight angle) (drill your holes straight! They need to line up with the hole on the other side!) My deck rolls out sweet now. And no pinched fingers from a pivoting roller. With the front rollers all the way up it still allows clearance for the gear box. Driving the front wheels up onto 2x6 or using the FEL allows for the drive shaft to clear.

    I also aligned both front hanger latches to face the left side so I can unlatch them from the same side. Sometimes it's the little things that make life easy

    Wing nuts on the covers. A few spares just encase the vibrate lose. Time will tell.

    And Two Cast Eye bolts mounted to the front roller arm brackets to lift the deck with the FEL (CAUTION LIFTING DECK - DON"T GET UNDER IT) It was tricky getting a bolt in there but it can be done. You can't turn a wrench in there so the final tightening is done with the eye bolt.

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    Default Re: My Mower Deck Mods (CG2600)


    When lifting mine with the FEL, I loop a chain around the gearbox. Seems to work OK. Most of the time, however, I put on the mower deck axles and just stand it up by hand, so I can move it around to store it in the garage.
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