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    Default Transmission Oil Leak From Gasket on MF135

    Hi all, there is a small diamond shaped plate in either side of this tractor. On the left it is forward of and below the PTO lever and on the right forward and below the response lever. They seem identical on both sides. The one on the left (PTO lever side) is leaking transmission fluid and appears to need a new gasket. It seems to be held on by two nuts, but without knowing what will happen if I remove the nuts and plate to replace the gasket I am reluctant to do so as I do not know what is behind the plate. Can anyone please advise on dealing with the leak and if I will cause any problems by removing the plate.

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    Default Re: Transmission Oil Leak From Gasket on MF135

    G'day if they are the plates i am thinking of, they are the locating pins for the hyd pump. All you have to do is drain the oil and remove and reseal pins one at a time, bit of gasket paper and some sealant and the job is done.
    Oh sorry fill with oil and THEN the job is done


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    Default Re: Transmission Oil Leak From Gasket on MF135

    Many thanks Jon. Most helpful. Regards, Norman

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