I need some help and guidance. Not trying to start any brand war, just want some sound advice. I'm looking for my first tractor . I only have experience on an old worn out Massey Ferguson 65 with a gas engine.This tractor is a family members and every time I need it I have to fix something and rob the bank to fuel it for the day.

I have ten acres of land 1/2 is field and 1/2 is a rolling wooded . I intend on bush hogging , mowing , roto tilling garden plots , grading drive ways , scraping snow , hauling and dragging cut wood ,clearing brush (honeysuckle) boring post holes and stretching fence.This could also get used for the same tasks on a family members 80 acres .

I have looked at a 1977 industrial version of the John Deere 1020 with a 152ci diesel. The hours are probably incorrect at 500. Paint and finish look good , Not show quality but good . It does need a few things worked on. The lights are there but not working . Needs a battery , top link and some new rubber shifter boots . It starts up and drives and runs good .This tractor is for sale at a dealer and is priced at $6000 . Firm...

I have looked at a 2000 year Massey 231s with an estimated 1500 hours (tachometer cable is broken ,apparently that is a common problem) .This tractor has the perkins 152ci diesel. Needing rubber boots for its shifters as well ,apparently these rubber boots are all crap. Also a rear work light needs some help . Runs good and other wise it is almost new condition . Problem is that this tractor is a bit smaller than the John Deere , A little tight in the cock pit . The clutch is painfully tight . The real issue is it bounces allot with a 6 foot box blade being raised and lowered. I set the box blade down and the tires just spun.This was all on wet gravel drive . It Definetly needs weight on the rear and on the front. This tractor is for sale by a private individual and is priced at $7000. This price is also firm.

Has anyone had any experience with the above tractors and what would your opinion of the strong points and weak points and preferences.

One of my concerns is the age of the JD vs Age of the Massey. I don't mind a little working on it but not every time I need to use it. Another is the cost of repair parts for either. Long term reliability.

The implements we currently have are a 5" bush hog, 3 bottom plow, 10 foot disk , 5' tiller and I intend on getting a 6" finish mower and a 6' Box blade.