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    Default Massey 65 LP Tractor

    Right now I have a Massey 65 Gas tractor in disrepair and am thinking of buying a Massey 65 LP tractor. Is it much of a hassle to fuel them from your home LP tank? I know they burn really clean and seem to last longer. Is it hard to resale them later becaouse of the LP? Also, it looks like they are the same between the LP and Gas engines except for carb and tank. Would it be worth swapping out? I also have a broken Thermostat Housing/fuel tank mount on the gas engine, any ideas on somewnhere that might have one? A good source for used and new parts?
    Sorry for all the questions but I'm trying to decide wether to pull the trigger on the LP....
    Thanks in advance, Steve.

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    Default Re: Massey 65 LP Tractor

    I've never heard of a factory-made Massey 65 tractor that runs on propane/LP gas. I could be wrong, but I suspect that the "Massey 65 LP tractor" you nentioned, is simply a gasoline tractor that's been converted to run on propane/LP gas.

    How to Convert a Vehicle to Propane |

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    Default Re: Massey 65 LP Tractor

    MF did build some LP gas 50, 65, 85, S90 tractors, but in small numbers. My dad has a Hi clear 65 LP and fills it from his farm tank. Tank must be set up for Liquid fill hose and valve to fill tractor tank. If tractor is run nearly empty tank pressure will be lower than filling tank and can get 30 to 40 % fill without bleeding. To fill to 80% tractor tank needs some pressure bled off so higher pressure in filling tank will force liquid into tractor tank. Tanks are equiped with 85% spill valve to know when it is full and leave some room for fue expansion in hot weather. Most LP gas engines also have higher compression to take advantage of higher octane LP gas has and offset lower BTU per gallons than gasoline has.

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