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    Default metal stems for gc2410

    I got ag tires put on my 2410 by the dealer when I bought it.

    they charged me $200.00 dollars to have the tires filled and assured me they would use non-caustic fluid.

    by the end of the first season they were signs of rust appearing around the valve stems. beginning the 3rd season, (may) there had developed a steady leak from one on the tubes with the air/fluid coming out of the valve stem hole when you wiggle the valve stem.

    I am wondering if anyone has found, or had installed, tubes with metal stems similar to the larger machines?

    also, what kind of fluid do I have to get so as to not rust out my rims from leaking tubes?

    I have been away from home working for the last couple months so I just put the tractor in the shed with the valve stem to the top of the tire thats leaking the worst.

    any ideas for best solution to this problem? 2 1/2 years out of a tube just isn't good enough.
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    Default Re: metal stems for gc2410

    I currently use Rimguard(2 years and counting), and used Windshield Washer Fluid for 13 years on my old Cub Cadet with good results, both in Tubeless tires. When using Rimguard you need to get metal valve stems because the beet juice will eat thru the adhesive on the rubber ones. Rimguard weighs about 11lbs. per gallon..........washer fluid weighs about 8. Some use an ethanol mixture with good results, it is also about 8lbs. per gallon.
    If you have rust, you need to clean and repaint your rims to protect them.

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    Default Re: metal stems for gc2410

    Two years old and haven't noticed any problems yet. When new it cost $75.00, but don't know what they used.

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    Default Re: metal stems for gc2410

    Last year I had rimguard installed in every tire, cost about $100 and they did it in about 1 hour, . I posted a thread about it if you do a search, . KC
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    Default Re: metal stems for gc2410

    I have methanol in my rear tires, cost $60. I have no tubes and rubber stems. No rust or leaks. I did, however, had a piece of wire go through my side wall on the tire and plugged it when everyone said it wont work! The sidewall doesn't flex like most tires so I think that is why it doesn't leak. Will tube it when I put new tires on. The metal stems could bend and break, if you use it in rough woodsey type terrain. Where the rubber tend to flex a little. Just food for thought!
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    Default Re: metal stems for gc2410

    rimguard is basically your answer that is not caustic. however - I had my stem come apart and and I replaced it with another one from store so I have no more problems. I blame the stem failure on cheap chinese stuff or something similar, but the new stems from store are probably the same thing, but I can tell you it seems to be made differently then one originally came with my tractor .

    Do you know whats the liquid ballast made of? smell? color? ( I dont recommend it but taste?) My rimguard smells a bit a year later when I broke bead to install a new stem and its brownish,reddish in color and doesnt taste sweet and not salty. ( a small splash hit my mouth as I was working with it so thats how I know so don't ask .... )

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    Default Re: metal stems for gc2410

    Quote Originally Posted by radioman View Post
    My rimguard smells a bit a year later when I broke bead to install a new stem and its brownish,reddish in color and doesnt taste sweet and not salty. ( a small splash hit my mouth as I was working with it so thats how I know so don't ask .... )
    Yuck, hate it when that happens. Like when that drop of hot oil hits that itchy spot on the end of your nose, regardless how well you're wiping down as you go, and your reflex response is to wipe it away, even though your hands are also wet with oil............... it just goes downhill fast from there.

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