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    Default 1984 MF 240 Question

    I have a 1984 MF 240. I have mowed, plowed, and tilled with it without any problems. I bought it with 1850 hours. recently while tilling, and using the PTO set to match engine speed, I had the PTO selector shaft keep jumping to neutral. It didnt happen alot, just enough to be a pain and to the point where I was holding the selector shaft rearward to keep it engauged. Any ideas what caused this.? I was tilling dry ground that had been worked just 4 months ago.

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    Default Re: 1984 MF 240 Question

    G,Day MoDeer43.
    If you were tilling extra hard ground and there was vibration there it could have shaken the pto out of gear I dont think so .
    If you remove the left hand sideplate the one with the pto lever on remove it and check that ,one the lever operates nice and tight that is it clicks in and out with no slack ,there is a spring and ball in there to hold the lever in position ,if the spring was broken this will cause the lever to drop out of gear.
    To strip down the cover and lever there is a roll pin that goes throught the pto selector shaft and lever,knock the pin out and check the spring,ball and the detents ,make sure the detents are not worn as some times they wear by being used a lot if the detent fork is worn it may be best to buy a new one.
    There ya go .

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