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    How is the up down lever control the pump as far as the linkage? He doesn’t see that anything connecter to the up down lever going down to the roller (that is missing) I can’t find any pictures of how this connects to the pump. The manual talks about adjusting the diaphragm but it’s not there and the valve pressure control is not there either. He put it together and the arms went up to the top and stay there is whatever touches the roller pin control the up down? What does the up down and draft control lever connect to inside because there is nothing there? It looks like the person I bought the tractor from rigged it up to work for a while to sell I don’t know. Any help is greatly appreciated, much thanks in advanced.

    John Franklin

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    G'day John franklin .
    The four bolts I think you mean the four bolts that secure the lift cylinder to the lift cover ,These studs are known to snap or break under certain conditions like as said shock loading and yes they could have been Injured in the past ,before you bought the tractor.
    Do you have the lift cover of! if so take a bunch of photographs and let me have a look at what you have ,I am sure we can fix this fairly easily .
    Hutch .All the very best to all in the New Year.

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    Pbettis can you tell me how you fixed the control lever?

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    Jefftagert, it's been a long time since I repaired the hitch/draft lever on dad's MF 135 but best I remember one day it quit activating the lower lift arms of the 3pt hitch. The lever would move full range of motion but nothing happened. As if some linkage came loose inside. We pulled the seat off and then removed the entire top section which included the lever and 2 upper lift arms. I studied the manual and from a picture I noticed the cam shaped piece that the lever uses to move against was out of place as if it jumped track or something. Maybe someone jerked up on the lever too quick/hard and it jumped off track. Can't remember but I just knew it was out of place according to the picture. I somehow forced it back in place and never could understand how it happened and I couldn't re-create the action that caused it in the first place. I also couldn't see anything that may have hit it and forced it out of place. I just know it fixed it and it never happened again. My advice is to tear into it and study a good manual and compare what you see. It'll probably be obvious what's wrong when you get the top section off and upside down. Good luck. Sorry I couldn't be more discriptive. I do know when the lifts on these type tractors quit working or the lifting action slows way down, it's usually because the hydraulic filters and internal screen is clogged. I have had to remove some gear clusters and components (Ford 3000) to get to the steel internal hydro screen down in the sump. But after it was cleaned the lift worked like a champ! Before it was cleaned the lift would move at a snails pace! Good luck!

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