I own a MF 1240 and my seat is toast. The cushion has been ripped for awhile. I've been getting by with duct tape. But recently one of the brackets on the underside of the seat broke off due to rust at the welds. I need a new seat but the dealer wants $400 for it and that's just way too much money.

I tried looking at Tractor Supply but only found universal seats with no reference to my tractor model. I tried searching the web quite a bit with the same issue. I have not found any company that advertises a seat replacement for the 1240.

My seat is a flip up design. If you turn it over, it has 2 brackets welded to the front of the steel seat pan. A rod goes through these 2 brackets and through brackets on the adjoining seat base. This allows the seat to be flipped up by forming a pivot at the front of the seat. The rod is held in place with C-clips.

The rear of the seat has a small coil spring on each side to provide user comfort. My concern with a universal seat is that I have seen any yet with these springs attached.

Has anyone replaced their seat on a 1200 series MF and had any luck?