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    Default Re: 2360 Snow Blower scraper blade

    There some pickups one had to figure out combo between how pumps of gas pedal to match the hand choke,once going down the road had to feather the hand choke to keep engine running until warm...yeah I remember some of those days.

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    Quote Originally Posted by irvingj View Post
    ...And does anybody remember the early 60s GM cars that had this little green light on the dash? When it was -20, the vinyl seat was hard as a rock, the battery very slowly turned over the engine and you prayed for ignition, and it finally --to one's extreme relief-- started, and then this little green light came on that said "COLD"? NO %^$!!!!
    Never heard of those lights before. Kinda stating the obvious isn't it......

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    Default Re: 2360 Snow Blower scraper blade

    Yeah, that was in the heyday of "idiot lights," which were gradually replacing what HAD been real gauges on most all cars--General Motors seemed to really push 'em.

    Kinda like all those darned LEDs that all kinds of appliances seem to bristle with these days.

    Chrysler cars still used gauges then, in the early 60's, but even they went to idiot lights eventually. Nice to see some gauges beginning to make a comeback.... but I always did get a kick out of that "COLD" light. (The "HOT" light next to it was red, of course....)
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