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    Quote Originally Posted by Claym View Post
    So I changed the fluid with type a ATF
    And cleaned the filter in there and
    Everything works great now even got
    It running a lot better after locating a
    Clog in the fuel line. Thanks again. Does
    Anyone know of a tire additive to add
    To the rear tire go stop slow leaks. I know
    Of the product slime but anything else
    Out there that could work probably need
    Lots for such a big tire?
    If it where me I wouldn't put any of that stuff in there. If it has fluid then using a canned patch would be useless. Assuming it doesn't have fluid in it, it could be leaking around the valve stem. I'd bite the bullet and remove the tire and take it and have a tube put in it and be done with it. It cost me around 100 bucks. 50 to dismount and remount with a tube and 50 for the. Cost of the tube.

    Using a stop leak in a tractor tire, if you ever had to have the tire serviced, they will probably charge you extra because of the mess that stuff makes and has to be cleaned up servicing the tire.

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    Default Re: Massey 88 changing fluid?

    The Kid, I,ve sent you a PM.

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    Default Re: Massey 88 changing fluid?

    Thanks for the info. I had a tube already
    In it then it popped I guess there was
    Debris inside somewhere. I guess I
    Will break bead again and put in a new
    Tube or patch this one. Thanks

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