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    Default Re: Can you spot the tractor???

    Hopefully the temperatures will rise and aid in the recovery effort.
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    Default Re: Can you spot the tractor???

    Yikes, Woody, guess a small broom ain't gonna cut it this time!

    I heard you guys got dumped on down there. We only got about a foot up here; Thomas & I had no trouble with it, though I will say it was pretty dense snow, with some good drifts.
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    Default Re: Can you spot the tractor???

    Good thing it isn't a Bobcat since the white color would make it blend in..

    I would say brush off the seat, check the air cleaner and engine compartment to see if snow is packed into the fan area, crank it up and start moving that snow. I sure wouldn't do more shoveling than necessary
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    Default Re: Can you spot the tractor???

    When I was 20 in the early 80s and had just moved out on my own, had a car that was covered like that. Dug myself out but never looke under the hood. Started the car up and burnt the fan belt off. Engine compartment was packed solid with snow.
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    Default Re: Can you spot the tractor???

    Yeah unfortunately for reasons i wont get into it is usually parked in the garage but..... anyways it wasnt plugged in and luckily started fine. Without the trusty little Massey we would have still been shoveling. Grand total was about 39"
    . my driveway took almost 5 hours and my father in laws driveway took about 7 hours. The first thing I did was shovel out the machine and put front tire chains on!! It took another 2 hours to get to the wood pile. It was absolutely insane!!

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    Default Re: Can you spot the tractor???

    I bet it fired right up.

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    Default Re: Can you spot the tractor???

    Woody glad everything worked out for the good.

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    Default Re: Can you spot the tractor???

    Some 2X4's or 2X6's and large larp and rope and you can have a temp A frame shelter in less than an hour. Maybe next year. That's a lot of snow. People around here would freak out with that much snow. Tire chains and a snow blower in your future? Hey.. Put a snowman in the seat.. -kid

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