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    Default 1528 hydro pedal sticking

    I did do a quick search but did not find anything. I was wandering if anyone else has had this problem. When I let off the pedal the tractor keeps going foward as the pedal slowly returns back to position, I find this very dangerous or at least destructive when doing close proximity work. I tryed greasing the fitting but no help. I used the same grease as I use on all other fittings, but was thinking maybe that grease is to thick/ tackey for this application. Any thoughts or suggestions would be great, Thanks

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    Mine is doing the same thing on a 1526. I haven't had time to look at it real close but I also had a 1215 that did it the same thing. There is a little roller on top of the transmission I sprayed some wd40 on it and it started working good after that. Ill see if I can't find a picture of it tomorrow. I don't know how your tractor floor is but the 1215 had a cover right in the middle. Four bolts and I could access it.

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