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    Default 4' or 5' box scraper ??????

    I have a MF 2310 and was wondering if it had enough ambition to pull a 5' box scraper, Or does the best performance come from the 4' blade ? Can any of you give me any advise ? Thanks in advance, Don

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    Default Re: 4' or 5' box scraper ??????

    The ability of your CUT to pull a box blade is going to be dependent on what you are blading, and the slope involved. If you are moving light dirt on a level surface, I would think you could pull a 5 foot blade easily. If you are blading a gravel drive up a slope, the 4 foot would be better. I have a JD 3038e which is a little stronger and heavier than you tractor, and I have a 5 foot BB. I actually downsized from a 6 foot blade I had for a previous and larger tractor. But trying to pull a full box of gravel up a slope can almost bog me down. However, it works like a champ on more level ground. I can pull the blade in dry soil pretty well, but putting the rippers down will just about stop me.

    The BB is a really useful tool, but I'd go with the smaller blade for most things. It's easier on the tractor and its tires.

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    Default Re: 4' or 5' box scraper ??????

    I think you are going to be much happier with a 4' scraper. As DKC said it makes a huge difference whether you are talking soft soil and gravel versus hard baked clay. I just think the 4' is better matched to your tractor. It makes a difference how much of this work you intend to do as well. If you knew you were going to move a LOT of soft soil or loose gravel, get the 5'. I found that my scraper was great for the intended application but sits unused 99% of the time. I also found that trying to use the scraper is a major pain in the backsides if you have to get off and lower or raise the tangs for deeper/shallower digging. Most scrapers take several minutes of nuisance time to adjust the tang heights individually. Very impractical unless the work is all consistent which mine never was. I found a hydraulic top link to be a VERY big timesaver and really made the box scraper useful instead of a pain. The hydraulic top link allows you to set the tangs at some nominal medium depth and then adjust the angle of the scraper to adjust depth of digging. Thus rarely get off the tractor to mess with it. Not cheap but the hyd top link is really handy for many other things too. You'd need a free remote back there for your hydraulics.
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