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    Default Re: GC2400 100 hour service

    My first service was done by me. I purchased everything from my dealer, just in case a warranty question arose. I mean really, what would they say I did with the filters and oil?

    And as the others said, it's very easy to do. The only thing to watch is when refilling the tranny. It's very hard to see the oil in the sight glass, which makes it very easy to overfill. Happens quickly too Don't ask me how I know

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    Default Re: GC2400 100 hour service

    doughboy09bravo- if you're not too far from Etna, I'd be glad to help. As others said, it's really not much different than servicing a car, and not hard at all... but there are a few things to keep in mind:

    1. In a diesel, the oil is REALLY black, due to the soot that it captures-- it will really stain stuff. You might consider some of those disposable plastic glove things.
    2. When & if you get to the hydraulic oil- there's a lot in there, more than the typically 5 qts in a car. You may have to either get a larger drain pan or replace the drain plug part way through to empty the drain pan so you have room for it all.
    3. In the front axle, remember to drain BOTH sides, otherwise you won't get it all.

    Have fun! WBB
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    Default Re: GC2400 100 hour service

    Hey doughboy09bravo, My owners manual says the 100 hour service only requires engine oil and filter to be replaced, which is only about 3 US quarts of oil. Like others have said, just follow your owners manual instructions and take your time. If you have troubles, we all will be here for you, . Do not forget to inspect your MF for loose fasteners, etc... Good luck, KC
    2009 MF GC2410TLB; Sims Cab; MF 2360 Snow Blower; MF 2340 Dozer Blade; Woods HC54 rotary rear cutter. Frontier 48" BB. KC

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