sorry - probably been asked before - Tractor is working fine. The trans/hyd dipstick shows the proper level - between the M and A. BUt - when I open the plug by the shifting levers and look in the reservoir - it is empty?

Most reservoirs are a reserve to be drawn upon when needed. Should this one be filled to the top? Does it draw from the bottom of the reservoir in which case would a gallon be sufficient? The Operator and Maintenance manuals that I have do not answer these questions. They say to add 8.5 gal on a change out but no discussion on how much should be in in the reservoir. Some dealers say that if the dip stick level is ok then you are ok?

Again - if the level on the dip stick goes low how much shoud be in the reservoir to provide for proper operation.

Others have said that you need to keep the reservoir full to the top and the hole in the reservoir/tranny partitiion will take what it needs. Makes no sense as most of the volume would be wasted?????

Thanks in advance for any help

Tim Sullivan