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    Default 1433 w/ 16x16 power shuttle

    Im in the process of buying a larger machine and would be interested in first hand info you have on the 16x16 power shuttle trans. I'm primarily interested in how you like it, how trouble free it is, that sort of thing along w/ general over all impressions. Youre review of this tractor would also be appreciated (gear or hydro).

    Right now I own a NH24D but when I was shopping around for that one I also looked at MF and liked them very much too. So, this time around I'm going to give MF another look. I think theyre the only mfg that makes a power shuttle in this size tractor. When you can get a power shuttle there seems to be less reason to have a hydro.


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    Default Re: 1433 w/ 16x16 power shuttle

    I have a MF 1440 with the 16x16 power shuttle. I really like it. It is a breeze to use. When doing repetitive work such as loader work, the only thing that you do is flip the lever to change directions. The 1400 series of this size is also much easier to work on or modify, because the platform can be removed with only 3-4 pins on each side. I have never had any need to repair anything about mine except the boot on the loader control. If their is anything specific that you have questions about, let me know.

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    Default Re: 1433 w/ 16x16 power shuttle

    <font color="red"> I think theyre the only mfg that makes a power shuttle in this size tractor. </font>

    John Deere makes a power shuttle type tractor in this class size. They call it the PowrReverser transmission. That's how they spell it, too. [img]/forums/images/graemlins/tongue.gif[/img]

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