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    Default Massey Ferguson 231 And 431 Tractor Question

    I was wanting to know if anyone on this board owns a 231 and the newer 431 Massey Ferguson tractors. At the present time, I own a larger tractor with cab, and 4X4. On my farm, I am needing a smaller tractor with no cab in the high 30, or low 40 PTO horsepower range to use in places that I can't use my larger tractor with cab. I have been looking at the older used 231 and the newer 431 tractors.

    My main question is this: I would like to know anything about these tractors from anyone on this post. Are these size PTO horsepower tractors worth buying? Do these tractors cause a lot of problems compared to other brand tractors in this size PTO horsepower? I have checked all the post on Massey Ferguson tractors here on the TBN, and I have found very little information on 231 and 431 Massey Ferguson tractors.

    A reply to this post would be most appreciated by anyone on the TBN board.


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    Default Re: Massey Ferguson 231 And 431 Tractor Question

    The 431 is an updated version of the 231S. Both tractors feature Perkins diesel engines and a 8x2 transmission. There have probably been more 231/431 tractors sold versus all other makes in this HP range (40- 45HP 2wd). They are a dependable simple design tractor and are worth the money. They will hold their value over the long run. The 431 can be equipped with the auxillary hydraulic pump from the factory and has slightly different sheet metal than the previous 231S model. Hope that helps.

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    Default Re: Massey Ferguson 231 And 431 Tractor Question

    Cabin, I don't have either of these tractors, but I have included them in my research, so I'll share with you my opinion. The 231 has been around forever from what I understand. One of MF bread and butter models. It is essentially the same as the 431 but the 4 has a few improvements. It is made in Turkey, and uses the Perkins diesel engine producing around 50 hp. I believe the thing weighs nearly 4400 lbs. So with that combination of power and weight, it should be a very capable tractor. Essentially, this tractor is a true ag tractor that uses a lot of proven technology. I wouldn't be afraid of it at all. I've seen ads for around 12 thousand on the 231 and 13 for the 431. So it seems to be a lot of tractor for the money. The only reason I am not currently considering it, is because of its weight. I plan to trailer my new machine. If I were able to keep it at the location it were to be used, I would certainly have it among my top picks. I've noticed that a guy just down the road from me has an older 231 and a much newer 431. He has quite a large cattle farm that he uses these tractors on. Though I haven't spoken with him, I'd guess he has been pleased with the 231 to have purchased a 431 also. He actually has 3 tractors of this size and the 3rd is a MF also. Hope this helps.

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    Default Re: Massey Ferguson 231 And 431 Tractor Question

    Let me guess, you are talking about hillsides and valleys where you're tractor with a cab would feel too top heavy. The 431 is basically an improved 135 and the 135's are very stable on hillsides.
    The 431 is a low slung belly tractor that makes it ideal for hillsides because it is ot too top heavy. The hydraulics system is very basic and is what they have been using for years on end. The 431 is a very basic tractor that doens' have alot of bells and whistles and other gimmicky or frilly stuff on it that you really don't need or will use that much.

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