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    Default 50 hour service

    the place where I bought my 1533 gives the first service free. He just calls it an oil change. Should I expect more?

    Also, while I've got your ear, I can not get favorite forums to show up on my home page. Do you guys know why?

    It's a great time of year here in Alabama. Between 50 and 80 degrees and time to turn the garden for next year. I'm breaking new ground this year with a brand new tiller (I hope).

    See ya'll later

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    Default Re: 50 hour service

    There is no telling what you will get. They may just change the engine oil and filter and check the other fluids. Many old dealers don't change the front axle and transmission fluid. If you have a hydro or power shuttle transmission, I would go ahead and have them change the fluid. Both of those have fluid clutchs and you need to make sure that they don't have any manufacturing trash in them. MF/Iseki is one of the best about making sure they are clean. Most don't wash it out, but I have never seen one of these tractors with manufacturing trash.

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