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    Default Problem with MTX 110 and don't know who to call

    Hello all,

    My name is Mark and I live in Maysville, GA. I am trying to help my neighbor get his MTX110 tractor operating properly. I知 not a tractor mechanic - although I am somewhat of a mechanic and software engineer. My neighbor's MTX want go into reverse. He initially had only a PTO problem - not a transmission problem and he was told to replace the computer module on the recommendation of someone at McCormick. After installing the module, the tractor did not work at all and a mechanic was called in to program the module. The guys's name was Frank and has a mccormickusa email address. The mechanic got everything working, but after he left, the reverse on the tractor would not function. Frank's phone number doesn't seem to work any more and his email doesn't get answered. I am willing to connect up with my laptop and make programming changes (I do this for my Mercedes) but I would need the software and interface cable. An alternative is to have another mechanic come out but we don't know who that would be at this point. So, if anyone out there has connections and can direct me to someone that can help, we would appreciate it. My neighbor, Joe, has another MTX110 that's identical and he has sort of lost confidence in McCormick through this experience. The serial number is snzt10ac4jje3331230 and Joe says he thinks its a 2001 make.

    Thank you,

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    Default Re: Problem with MTX 110 and don't know who to call

    I went 'round and 'round with McCormick for 7 months trying to get an issue fixed with my still under warranty compact. I spent 3 months just trying to get someone to call me back. A tech named Frank finally did find a fix for the problem, I wonder if it was the same guy. He was the only person in the company who did anything to back their product. I wouldn't be surprised if he is no longer with McCormick, if I worked there I'd probably eject as soon as possible. From my experience and my local dealer's experience, McCormick has a very different way of running a company.

    Needless to say, as soon as my machine was fixed it was gone. I will never touch anything McCormick again.

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    Default Re: Problem with MTX 110 and don't know who to call

    Look on the back of the trans up on top and locate a block that has 4solenoids. The two on the left are Forward and reverse. If I recall correctly the front one is rev and the rear is fwd. swap and see if the problem follows. The coils are the same. If you see the problem now move to fwd use one of the right side coils until you get a replacement. Use the diff lock coil as it is rarely needed.

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