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    Default Recommended fluid for transmission/gear box on Mitsubishi D1500FD?

    My tranny/gear box fluid was due for a change. What do they recommend for these good little tractors? (This is an old 2 cylinder grey market tractor in 4wd without a bucket lift on the front.) I'm thinking it might be hydraulic oil, or a special hydrostatic fluid, or maybe I'm over thinking this and it's plain gear box point me in the right direction.

    Also: Is there a screen/filter that should be cleaned when changing the fluid on these? If so, where might that be located?

    And finally: How high do you fill these tranny's? Mine doesn't have a dipstick in there, just the original cap to let you look into it.

    I bought this little machine from a farmer nearby, and it's been good, but I'm trying to learn the ins-and-outs of it and get it in tip-top shape. Look also for a future post asking about some different controls...these things are quite different from the old Ford 801 I grew up driving. So much more going on with these machines, it seems (or maybe I'm noticing more things now that I'm older and more in tune with the machine).


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    Default Re: Recommended fluid for transmission/gear box on Mitsubishi D1500FD?

    if you have a front end loader the tractor will need hydralic tranny fluid.if you just have the 3 point hitch you can use gear oil.the manual explains it.try links for a manual. Valley Power. Sheaffer's Town & Country Tractor . used compact tractors, front end loaders, backhoe attachments, implements

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    Default Re: Recommended fluid for transmission/gear box on Mitsubishi D1500FD?

    You can fill through the plug on top of the tranny. On the side of the case there will be a bolt that looks like it does nothing but it is a fill line marker. You should have a screen on the bottom side of the case with two bolts that slides out and fluid will run EVERYWHERE to drain if you pull it all the way out. Just slightly pull it out and drain. Clean the screen and reinstall, remove the fill line bolt and get a funnel and fill through plug on top until it runs out the side marker bolt. Replace side bolt and plug and your done.

    Tractor Supply sells hydraulic fluid in 5 gallon pails and you will need almost 4 gallons probably for yours. I would run hydro fluid if you have a loader. If just 3PT you can run standard gear lube.

    Hope this helps.
    You can get replacement screens from Bill@Valley Power.


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