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    Default Tractor controls and general questions on Mitsubishi compact tractor

    I'm trying to get some clarification on a Mitsubishi D1500FD tractor I bought withe KE80 engine.

    I'm trying to figure out what this lever on the left, behind the seat (with the knob top) controls. If you're looking at the photo, it's the only one with a knob on it, with some silverish coloring at top of the knob.

    Okay, now to a more challenging question. In the photo below you can see one knob-topped lever. That's the PTO controller. I've got that figured out, as well as the gear shifter above it. Now here's what I'm trying to figure out. Above the gearbox (below the seat, which is just out of the top of this picture) is a controller for the 3-point hitch lift. There's a knob with one wing on the front of this. It's in the middle setting now, and can turn about 90 degrees left or right from this position. I don't know how to set this or what that is for.

    The second question for this picture below is what the metal "box" that is pictured in the bottom right of this photo is. Here's what I can tell -- It has one fluid line that goes forward to what I believe is a pump on the engine. That line is at the bottom of this box, under the footrest (not seen in this photo). The top line to the pump you can see just above that box. The box has four bolts on the top that hold down a top plate. What's in this "box"?

    And the final photo is about levers again. In this photo you see three knobbed levers. Top one is the 3-point hitch controller. Second one is 4WD control lever, and third is the High-Low gear box controller. My question is simple -- which is the position that engages the 4WD -- is it in 4WD when the level is pushed forward, or when it is backwards?

    Also in this photo, you can see the transmission oil fill cap. Mine doesn't have a dipstick, and there's not another dipstick as far as I can tell on this gear box. How high do you fill these gear boxes with fluid, what type of fluid do you use, and is there a filter anywhere on these transmissions that I can clean now that I'm changing the fluid?

    You can also see this series of questions and photos posted on my blog:
    The Official Bat Cave Explorers Club: Tractor night leads to questions


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    Default Re: Tractor controls and general questions on Mitsubishi compact tractor

    So you are at where I was at last May when I bought my S470d.

    For some reason, my browser isn't letting me view your pics....
    An owner's manual is going to be very helpful for you, and will cover many of the questions you have. I also got my hands on a parts manual, which is really nice to have. I would recommend both, but definitely the operator's manual.

    You've come to the right place to have your Hydraulic fluid type, and repair questions answered. This site has been very helpful for me, and if there's anything that you want to know, someone here probably has the answer for you.
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    Default Re: Tractor controls and general questions on Mitsubishi compact tractor

    1. 3pt remote control???? to help in hooking up implements.
    2. 3pt rate of decent and shut off valve
    3. don't know
    4. one way to find out which position 4wd is, is to turn sharp on gravel or soft dirt and you can feel it in the wheel and see the tires pulling.
    5. In that last photo there is a bolt head that looks like it goes to nothing in the R/H side of the transmission, that looks like your fill level, just remove it on level ground to check the level.
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    Default Re: Tractor controls and general questions on Mitsubishi compact tractor

    Okay, I figured most of this out.

    Lever behind the seat on left seems to engage and disengage the PTO. I guess this way you can leave it in high-or-low on the main control and turn it on or off here.

    Tractor turns out is a 1500 II -- not a plain 1500. Thanks to the crew at Cane Creek Compacts in NC for that info.

    Gear oil (80-90) is fine for these if you're not using a loader. I'm not, so I went with standard gear oil.

    That box on left of tranny is actually the filter assembly. Remove the top and you get to the filter. Easy to clean.

    I figured out what position 4wd was; good idea on the loose gravel/hard turn test.

    Couldn't figure out the fill level for transmission. I put in 4-1/2 gallons of gear oil and called it good. It's ~2 inches down from top of case, and seems to cover all gears, so I'm thinking we're good.

    Thanks for tip on the controller knob. That apparently is the 3-point speed controller. I put it in the middle and it seems to like that.

    I'll be back with more questions in the future, but thanks for the tips, everyone!


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    Default Re: Tractor controls and general questions on Mitsubishi compact tractor

    All great info for a newbie-Mitsubishi D1500V-owner!
    Does anyone know where to get a service and/or user-manual for my tractor?
    I've been surfin' the net for a while but didn't find the needed manuals.

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