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    Default Fuel Bowl Assembly

    On my MT180HD the fuel bowl has a 90 degree fitting for the fuel outlet that either has broken off or has worked it's way loose, I can't tell. Every now and then it will pop off and diesel will leak out. Anyone have this happen? Can this have a permanent fix or do I need to get a new or used fuel bowl?

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    Default Re: Fuel Bowl Assembly

    If the fitting is a press in fitting that is just slipping out of the hole, I would clean the hole and the fitting with brake clean and then just epoxy it back in with jb weld. The whole assembly on my Buck had been removed. I bought a new/used assembly that did not have the output hose fitting on it. I bought a pipe thread tap and a nylon 90 degree fitting and haven't had any problem since.

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    Default Re: Fuel Bowl Assembly

    I vote for Oliver's solution as well.
    Cheap and easy, the bowl will be white metal or aluminum and tapping that will be real easy to do.
    Do not use a brass fitting as the dissimilar metals will corrode real fast. (brass (copper) threaded into aluminum will set up an electrolitic raction and you will end up with a white corrosion mess)
    Use nylon ar at worst steel fitting. Aluminum would also be OK.

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